Fx Track now in RailModeller Pro!

We're excited to announce that Fx Track is now included as a library in RailModeller Pro.  RailModeller Pro is a professional-grade, easy-to-use track and layout CAD tool designed exclusively for macOS.  Like all carefully crafted macOS apps, RailModeller Pro is easy to learn and intuitive.  It's feature list is too long to cover here, but jump over to railmodeller.com for more details from the developer or from the macOS App store.

RailModeller Pro comes with support for more than 260+ libraries of model train track products in nearly all scales from dozens of manufacturers.  L-Gauge is impressively represented with libraries for LEGO brand tracks as well as ME Models and BrickTracks.  Also, some of our sample layouts from our latest catalog can be found in the RailModeller Pro community sharing site!


The superb BlueBrick layout editor software has been part of the LEGO fan community toolset for many years.  Unfortunately, this Windows only App has left macOS users without a pro-level layout design tool--until now!  

Since RailModeller Pro is designed as free-form CAD tool for any scale, some features such as snapping to a "LEGO stud grid" are obviously not supported.  However, we've been in discussion with the developer team and are hoping that some of our LEGO-specific features might be included in future releases!  

If you're a Mac user and L-Gauge train fan, be sure to check out RailModeller Pro to help you get started with designing your next dream layout!