• We're Very Sorry: P40 Switch Issue

    An incorrect version of tiebar component was installed on some P40 switches.  The tiebar is the sliding component which moves the two switch rails.  Rest assured we will fix the problem and remedy all affected customers.
  • Why 22.62 degrees?

    Since we introduced the Fx Track system back in 2021, we have been asked many times about why the system is structured the way it is. In particular, why do we have the R64P curve track element and why is the diverging route angle of the P40 switch 22.62º?
  • Pre-order Product Status Update

    Understandably, "Where are my P40 switches?!" is a question that we are being asked more often this month. There have been delays, but rest assured progress is being rapidly made.
  • BSBT Train Yard, P40 Pre-order Update and more Train Yards!

    We can't believe another year has passed since our first visit to Bauspielbahn-Treffen (BSBT) 2023 LEGO Train Event in Leipzig, Germany last Augu...
  • Making History at Brickworld Chicago 2023

    Fx Bricks is honoured and thrilled to present Cale Leiphart, editor of Brick Model Railroader and a legend in the LEGO train hobby community, the ...
  • New Products Available for Pre-Order Now!

    We are so excited and relieved to finally launch 3 very much anticipated and important new products to the Fx Track family: the P40 Switch Track, ...
  • Quick News Update April 2023

    It's been a while since we've kept in touch with what we've been up to.  However, rest assured we've been working very hard behind the scenes to g...
  • Welcome to TechBrick UK and S32 and S8 Product Stock

    We're so happy to announce that Fx Track is now available directly to UK customers through our friends at TechBrick!
  • Happy New Year! Updates from the Frontline

    We're excited to enter 2023 with the growing momentum and support from all our amazing customers and fans.  We have so many new products simply waiting in the pipeline to get manufactured and released.
  • New S32 Straight Track Stock (limited quantities)

    Luckily, shortly after selling out of S32 Straight Tracks, we received a limited interim quantity from manufacturing and expect even more soon.  We don't expect this interim quantity to remain in stock very long.

  • New S8 Straight Track Stock (limited quantities)

    After being sold out for a few months, we have finally received some preliminary stock of S8 Straight Tracks from manufacturing.  This new batch features our slick new half-height packaging for smaller items--we think it looks awesome! 
  • News for 2022, P40 Switches and New Stock

    It has been a busy year and we're long overdue to update you on new products, our progress, and what is to come, particularly the P40 switch.