Fx Track Pre-Orders Shipping!

Some of you may have noticed that we have already started to ship pre-orders Fx Track.  This is because we have received new production batches of S32, S8 and R72 track elements.  Unfortunately, we are still waiting for the R88 to be completed and expect that it will get to us soon.  When the R88 arrives to our Hong Kong warehouse for inspection and packaging, we will likely air freight the product to both Canada and Germany for onward distribution.

For customers whose orders include the R88 in combination with other track elements we can either defer shipment until the entire order is complete or we can send the R72, S32, S8 elements in an interim shipment with the R88 on a follow-up shipment.  We will decide on this when we have new information from our supplier.  

The Fx Bricks HQ will be on holiday break from Jul 17 to Jul 25, therefore pending shipments will be be held until Jul 26.  We will do our best to catch up with customer inquiries; however, it might take us a little longer to respond during this period.

Thanks again for the amazing response to our new Fx Track system.  We really appreciate it and can't wait to release new elements to this growing system.  We have already received pre-production samples of the R56 and R104 curve tracks elements so we expect these will be in the store very soon!  We're continuing to work on the P40 switch, a new motor bogie and power controller to build the ultimate L-Gauge product system!