Happy New Year: R56 and R104 pre-order available!

We are excited to welcome 2022 with the introduction of two new Fx Track products:  the R56 and R104 curve tracks! They are now available for pre-order from our shop and from JB Spielwaren for EU customers. Deliveries are expected to start early March 2022. Both products are currently in production with inspection happening over the next few weeks followed by onward distribution to Canada and Germany for delivery.

We are glad to offer competitive and stable pricing for our Fx Track products despite increasing pressure on our costs.  The R56 track MSRP is the same as its neighbouring R72 track at $69.99 USD for a box of 8 pcs.  Similarly, the R104 MSRP is offered at $64.99 USD for a box of 8 pcs.  

The introduction of the R56 and R104 curve radii literally expand our product range in both directions! The R56 curve track bridges the parallel track interval between the LEGO® R40 curve radii and our R72 curve track.  Expanding outwards from the R88 curve, the R104 now becomes the largest radius 9V compatible metal curve track currently available.

Train fans have even more creative choices for making awesome layouts with 5x parallel track intervals from R40 to R104. And best of all, we're not done yet!  There are more curve radii in our product road map; including R120, R136 and eventually R152.  Furthermore, we will be introducing a special intermediate R64 curve for use with our upcoming P40 switch tracks to make parallel sidings.

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of our customers and supportive fans for making our 2021 Fx Track launch such a success. Your support energizes us to develop exciting new products and we love seeing how our products are being eagerly embraced by fans around the world.

Over the past year, we have been very busy developing new products. However, 2021 has forced us to confront and adapt to many new challenges. These include manufacturing capacity, increasing costs, component shortages and of course, the extremely disruptive global shipping and logistics situation affecting all industries. Despite these difficulties, we have many new products in the pipeline for release this year. Not only can you expect more Fx Track system products, but also an entirely new system of products and accessories for power and control. We can't wait to show you—so stay tuned to this site, connect via social media, or sign up for our newsletter to be the first to discover the latest news!