Happy New Year! Updates from the Frontline

We're excited to enter 2023 with the growing momentum and support from all of our amazing customers and fans. We have so many new products simply waiting in the pipeline to get manufactured and released. As you know, it has been a very difficult 2+ years of instability in the manufacturing sector affecting all industries. Products such as our long awaited P40 switch have incurred multiple delays magnified by the long turn-around times for each iteration of development.

The good news is that we have finally been able to visit our manufacturing partners in person after a long period of travel restrictions, quarantines, and lockdowns in China. Our manufacturer said we were their first visitor in 3 years!  There is no substitute for being able to review each product with our partners in person and in detail. It has been an extremely productive few days. While we don't have a firm commitment for production schedules (mostly due to the impending Lunar New Year holidays), we are much more confident that production will start very soon for many products.

P40 Switch Component Review

Other Products

We have been very clear in our messaging that metal track is not enough.  There is little point in making an extensive metal track system without closing the loop with power supply and pickup products.  Some of you will have seen our prototype motor bogies both virtually and for real.  You may have also seen our new Power Station speed controller and track feeder products—each featuring our new 9V power connector.  However, that is not the only power system product we've been working on!  Shown below is a sneak peek of our new metal wheel-set product featuring our new 9V power connector.  This wheel-set offers plug and play power pickup for train fans with existing 9V, Power Functions™, and Powered Up™ motors as well as offering new possibilities for powering other accessories such as lighting! This is in an early  stage of development, but it will be a vital component in our complete Fx Power System range. 

Metal Wheel-set Product Design (featuring our new 9V power system connector)

Orders and Fulfilment

We have received a large volume of orders over the past two months (including after the Christmas Holiday season).  Please accept our apologies for the longer delivery time; we are working hard to process and ship our order backlog.  We thank you for your patience and understanding—and more importantly for your support!

It's going to be an exciting year of new products and we look forward to sharing more soon.  Stay tuned to our website or sign up for our newsletter to find out more!