New Products Available for Pre-Order Now!

We are so excited and relieved to finally launch 3 very much anticipated and important new products to the Fx Track family: the P40 Switch Track, the R64P Curve Track, and the S1.6+S3.2 Straight Tracks. Together, these new track elements will finally allow L-Gauge train fans to build sophisticated and prototypical railway track configurations such as sidings, loops, yard ladders, and much more.  We know that many of you have been waiting a long time for these products, and we so happy to say that starting Mon Jun 12, 2023, they are all available for pre-order from our Shop or from JB Spielwaren for our European Union customers.

P40 Switch Track

The P40 Switch Track is currently world's only metal rail track switch available to LEGO train fans since the retirement of the LEGO 9V track system in 2007. This product is the result of dedicated and relentless product design and development. We have endured considerable obstacles and challenges to bring this switch to market, but our commitment and passion for the product has finally prevailed.  We believe it to be among the very best engineered model train track switch product in any scale. The switch combines carefully thought-out and tested design features, that were reviewed not only by us, but by other LEGO train fans who have generously offered their input and feedback on prototype pre-production versions.  

The P40 Switch is sold as a pair of switches available in 3 different configurations to suit your particular choice of Left or Right switches:

8040 - 1x P40L Left + 1x P40R Right switch

8140 - 2x P40L Left Switches

8240 - 2x P40R Right Switches

Each box of P40 switches includes a beautiful colour printed user guide. It contains instructions and guidance for using the P40 switch in various track configurations as well as advice for getting the best electrical performance.  

 R64P Curve Track

The new R64P curve track is a special curve track element designed work with the geometry of the P40 Switch as well as offering the ability to make grid-aligned S-bend curves and other track configurations. The primary use of the R64P is for making parallel sidings or passing loops with the P40 Switch. Its sector angle and radius are part of the overall Fx Track system geometry designed to maintain perfect grid alignment with a nominal 8 stud grid.

S1.6 and S3.2 Straight Tracks

To complete the family of special track elements, two new straight track elements, the S1.6 and S3.2 are also offered. The lengths of these straight track elements are unique for their unconventional fractional stud geometry. However, they form an essential part of the Fx Track system by aligning a wide range of track configurations to an 8-stud grid. This includes sidings in a yard ladder, S-bend curves and crossovers at any multiple of 8 studs, as well as other configurations such as 45 degree bends and much more. 

The S1.6 and S3.2 tracks are sold in a box containing 10x of each element. This offers a generous quantity of each length expanding your layout design possibilities.

Pre-Order and Delivery

Starting Mon Jun 12, 2023, the P40, R64P and S1.6+S3.2 track elements will be available for pre-order in our Shop as well as at JB Spielwaren in Germany. We expect deliveries to start in August.  Production has already started and we hope to get products packaged and ready for distribution as possible.