New S8 Straight Track Stock (limited quantities)

After being sold out for a few months, we have finally received some preliminary stock of S8 Straight Tracks from manufacturing.  This new batch features our slick new half-height packaging for smaller items--we think it looks awesome!  We have limited quantities in our store until we receive our larger consignments from our distribution hub in Hong Kong.  This also applies to our friends at JB Spielwaren in Germany--new stock should be arriving for our EU customers very soon.

Unfortunately, at exactly the same time as new S8 track became available, the S32 Straight Tracks also sold out!  However, we expect to receive new inventory very soon and we'll be sure to keep you posted when it arrived.  All products in our store have an email alert sign-up option to notify you immediately when new stock is available.  

If you've been eager to get a pack of new S8 tracks, hurry now--because this new consignment will surely not last.  Orders placed before Dec 15-ish will have a good chance of arriving in time for the Holiday Season--with the obvious disclaimer that this depends on shipping and postal services.