Quick News Update April 2023

It's been a while since we've kept in touch with what we've been up to.  However, rest assured we've been working very hard behind the scenes to get more of our new exciting products ready for you!  Our teams in Canada and Hong Kong are gearing up for a very busy and ambitious production schedule and we'll have more news very very soon!

PFx Brick

Worldwide component shortages and unstable inventories of some electronic components are still ongoing.  As a result, we have sold out temporarily of PFx Brick's with Bluetooth (SKU: A216).  We were fortunate enough to secure a small batch of Bluetooth radio modules direct from the manufacturer and should have the PFx Brick available in store very soon.  However, current forecasted lead times for these parts extend to Oct 2023 and Jul 2024 for future deliveries.  Therefore, we expect the PFx Brick will be unavailable from time to time depending on sales volume and procurement timing.  We do our best to hedge our purchasing on future demand in order to maintain stock, but its not always possible to guarantee inventory.  Fortunately, we have a robust stock of PFx Brick (IR only, SKU: 2216) and retain the ability to manufacture PFx Brick's both out-sourced and in-house.

We are hoping to deploy a long-awaited update to the firmware for the PFx Brick (v.1.50), but we have had to dedicate some time to updating both the desktop and mobile apps to add support for the new firmware features.  We'll keep you posted on the progress of the updates.  Some of the new features included:

  • enhanced scripting language features
  • enhanced sound effects behaviours, especially for trains
  • easier configuration and sound profile management by supporting a "startup.pfx" script at power-on
  • double the file transfer speed to the PFx Brick

P40 Switch (and more!)

Stay tuned!  There's going to be some exciting news very soon...