PFx Brick Bluetooth coming soon

As you know, the PFx Brick with Bluetooth capability has been temporarily unavailable due to worldwide shortages of key electronic components.  Even though we have a healthy inventory of PFx Brick electronics--we purchase Bluetooth radio chips on demand depending on how many customers order PFx Brick fitted with Bluetooth.  

Unfortunately, this has left us vulnerable to the worldwide shortages which includes our Bluetooth radio devices.  We have pending orders to several electronics vendors and have received partial shipments which have enabled us to fulfil current backlog commitments.  We expect a few more partial shipments in the next few weeks and will therefore make the PFx Brick with Bluetooth available again--hopefully by July 15.  There will be inventory restrictions when it does go back into the store, so when it sells out, it will be unavailable again until we receive continue to receive additional Bluetooth devices.  We have spread our bets by placing orders with multiple vendors and therefore can take advantage of first-come-first-serve availability depending on which warehouses receive products first.

Hopefully, this situation will slowly improve.  We are seeing signs of improving availability, not just Bluetooth radio chips, but other devices.  Fortunately, we have a very good inventory of all of the other electronics components we use and cannot forecast any other product availability issues at this time.