They're here! R120 now available + new stock

We're excited to announce the R120 is now available to order!  We've received a production batch to our Canadian store plus additional quantities of all other straight and curve tracks.  We're working on another production run of the P40 switches—so expect those to arrive in a few weeks.


We had a great time at Brickworld Chicago and really enjoyed meeting up with fellow train and LEGO fans, as well as meeting new fans.  At Brickworld, we were able to set up a test loop of both R136 and R120 curves for train fans to test out with their trains and rolling stock.  Large radius curves really do make a big difference to smooth and elegant running--especially for larger/longer rolling stock such as the new LEGO Orient Express shown below:

Due to a surge in orders over the past few weeks, we're falling a bit behind fulfilling orders.  Rest assured, we're catching up thank you for your patience as we get through them!